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Sunshine and Fashionable Seaside Resorts along the Versilia Coast.

Posted on 04.03.2019

Category: Italian Travel

The Versilia region, in the North Western Province of Lucca is known for its popular riviera resorts, but there is a lot more to discover in and around the area! So, if you are in Italy to experience Viareggio’s famous carnival, why not visit the neighbouring towns?

If you love the sea and high fashion you should stop at Forte dei Marmi; with its posh boutiques, elegant villas and promenade, it is ideal for a sunny afternoon stroll.

Marina di Pietrasanta offers a wide and sandy beach, which is ideal for families with young children; the backdrop of the hills and pine woods make it a beautiful relaxing spot.

Torre del Lago was named after the lakeside tower that was built in the 1300’. This is the hometown of Giacomo Puccini, famous worldwide for his music. So, apart from the placid lake and woodland, the most popular attraction is Puccini’s villa. Every summer Torre del Lago hosts a fantastic music festival in his memory, performing four of Puccini’s operas.

Carnival in Venice

Posted on 31.01.2019

February marks the beginning of the carnival season in many Italian cities. But which city offers the best events?

The Carnival in Venice is one of the most beautiful carnivals in the world, a spectacular tourist event offering a unique atmosphere and unusual masks.

The festival began in 1162, in celebration of Venice’s victory over Aquileia. In a city with such a rigid social system, Carnival provided an outlet and release as the costumes and masks guaranteed anonimity allowing citizens to mock authority. For some weeks of the year, anyone could be who they wanted to be!

Masks were made with simple materials such as clay and paper mache.

When Napoleon invaded Venice, the Carnival was banned for fear of the citizens conspiring against the French troops. The festival was not to come back officially until the Italian government decided to promote the Venetian culture and history in 1979.

"Carnevale" is celebrated 40 days before Easter, just before the start of Lent. In fact, the word "Carnevale" comes from the Latin words "carne" and "vale" meaning "farewell to meat".

The 2019 Venice Carnival will be held between February 19th and March 5th.

Sardinian regional cheeses...

Posted on 28.01.2019

Category: Italian Food

The weather in Italian

Posted on 25.01.2019

To ask "what is the weather like today?" you would say "che tempo fa oggi?" As "il tempo" means "the weather".

Read below to find some common expressions used to speak about the weather!

The green box shows you how to speak about the weather in the future; "sarà" means "it will be" and "ci sarà" means "there will be"!

If in doubt, the third picture on the top row illustrates the word "windy".

So...How would you say "it will be windy? tongue-out

What do people ask Google about Italy...Can you believe it?

Posted on 10.01.2019