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Pizza Romana Day

Posted on 26.07.2018

Category: Italian Food

Will you be in Rome on Thursday 13th of September? You may well want to take part in the very first "Pizza Romana Day"; keep a large round corner for a feast!
20 pizzaioli will be competing to make the best local pizza.

But what makes Roman pizza different from the classic Neapolitan version?
Italians describe it as "bassa" (thin crust) and "scrocchiarella" (very crispy). The dough of this pizza is often laid out with a rolling pin to prevent it from rising, it contains less water and it is cooked for longer for a crispier result.

All you need to know about Italian cured meats!

Posted on 26.07.2018


Salumi is not a term often heard outside of Italy, yet many of these products are found in specialty shops or Italian delicatessens and are used by cooks all over the world. Some, like prosciutto, need no introduction while others are not usually seen outside their motherland.

Travel warning!

Posted on 17.07.2018

Category: Italian Travel

Warning! Tourists travelling to San Gimignano this summer are in serious danger of falling in love with the place and of not being able to return home.

Recent reports have shown that people who were in San Gimignano between the hours of seven and nine in the evening were bewitched by the golden sunset light reflecting off the city's towers and felt unable to control their thirst for local history, art and local wine!

Vernaccia, typical of this area, is one of the best white wines of Italy. Some say it holds the power to keep tourists seated for hours as they watch the world go by...