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Sunshine and Fashionable Seaside Resorts along the Versilia Coast.

Posted on 04.03.2019

Category: Italian Travel

The Versilia region, in the North Western Province of Lucca is known for its popular riviera resorts, but there is a lot more to discover in and around the area! So, if you are in Italy to experience Viareggio’s famous carnival, why not visit the neighbouring towns?

If you love the sea and high fashion you should stop at Forte dei Marmi; with its posh boutiques, elegant villas and promenade, it is ideal for a sunny afternoon stroll.

Marina di Pietrasanta offers a wide and sandy beach, which is ideal for families with young children; the backdrop of the hills and pine woods make it a beautiful relaxing spot.

Torre del Lago was named after the lakeside tower that was built in the 1300’. This is the hometown of Giacomo Puccini, famous worldwide for his music. So, apart from the placid lake and woodland, the most popular attraction is Puccini’s villa. Every summer Torre del Lago hosts a fantastic music festival in his memory, performing four of Puccini’s operas.

Once an abandoned village in Calabria, now a magical place to stay...

Posted on 16.09.2018

Category: Italian Travel

Ferrara Balloons Festival is on!

Posted on 07.09.2018

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Posted on 02.09.2018

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The Centre of the World: No fooling!

Posted on 31.08.2018

Category: Italian Travel

Tom: - Whoa! I'm going to the centre of the world this summer!"

Jen: -Ooh! I bet it will be roasty toasty! Uhm...So, where is it exactly?"

Tom: - Foligno!

Jen: - Foolin...What?

Tom: - No foolin, you idiot! Foligno!

Jen: - And where on earth is Foligno??

Tom: - ...

Foligno is a fascinating city located in Umbria, in the heart of Italy. Because of its central position within the country and Italy being in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, years ago it was defined "Centru de lu munnu" (The centre of the World).

And....Guess what?? In the centre of Foligno there used to be a café called Gran Caffè Sassovivo and in the centre of that café there used to be a pool table....And in the centre of that pool table there was a red pin and THAT marked the centre of the world!