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The Italian bar experience

Posted on 25.01.2018

Italian bars normally serve soft drinks, coffee and snacks as well as alcoholic drinks. People tend to mill around the counter drinking a quick coffee standing up, and often there aren't many tables to sit at. In big cities and places where there are always a lot of people around, you won't get served unless you first pay at the cash desk, you'll get a receipt, uno scontrino, which you then take to the counter, give to the bartender and tell him your order.
You might prefer to sit down and be served by a waiter or waitress, in which case you pay when you've finished.

What does "torno subito" mean?

Posted on 12.01.2018

As you wander the streets of Italy you are likely to see "torno subito" scribbled on a sign in a shop window, this means "I'll be right back". However, you may find that what this really means is "torno prima o poi", which is "I'll be back sooner or later"!