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Buon Anno! Italian lessons are starting back this week...

Posted on 06.01.2019

Free Italian lesson for seniors!

Posted on 06.06.2018

Italian for All Italian Cinema Culture Lesson!

Posted on 27.04.2018

New Beginner Italian Class in Stirling: 2nd of May start!

Posted on 06.04.2018

Come to learn Italian in Stirling!

The spring is here, the holiday season is approaching, why not learn Italian?

It is such a beautiful language to learn whether or not you are planning on going to Italy in the near future.

Why oh why should we learn Italian?

1) Impress your local Italian waiter by ordering your food in Italian!

2) Get around on holiday more confidently!

3) Get a taste of one of the most beautiful cultures!

4) Increase your skills for work and pleasure, you have the opportunity!

5) Keep your brain fit! Did you know that learning a language slows the brain ageing process?

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