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Online Italian Lessons

Business Italian

This online course mainly focuses on language used in the workplace. If you travel to Italy for business purposes and you wish to communicate with Italian stakeholders or colleagues learn some useful language skills to take a more active part in your business operations in Italy.

By the end of the course you will have covered the following topics.

Introducing yourself and others in formal and informal settings / filling out forms with your personal details / Formal titles

Talking about your work / Writing a CV / replying to job adverts

Useful phrases in communication / business etiquette /formal and informal language / business telephone conversations

Ordering food

Numbers / prices / days of the week / time

Your weekly schedule / Organising a business meeting

Inviting / accepting and refusing an invite

Places in the city / asking and giving basic directions

Getting around in the workplace / rooms and staff

Travel arrangements

The course content can be tailored to suit your needs. Should you require tuition involving the use of sector specific language the hourly rate will increase to £30. Please drop me a quick email to discuss your requirements.

All handouts and learning material are included in the price.

Lesson time: 1 Hour
All materials for the course are included.

20 Hour Online Course£370.00

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