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Buon Anno! Italian lessons are starting back this week...

Posted on 06.01.2019

Talking about time in Italian: some useful expressions

Posted on 19.09.2018

Ferrara Balloons Festival is on!

Posted on 07.09.2018

Category: Italian Travel

A food tour in Italy: what an experience!

Posted on 18.08.2018

Category: Italian Food

Pizza Romana Day

Posted on 26.07.2018

Category: Italian Food

Will you be in Rome on Thursday 13th of September? You may well want to take part in the very first "Pizza Romana Day"; keep a large round corner for a feast!
20 pizzaioli will be competing to make the best local pizza.

But what makes Roman pizza different from the classic Neapolitan version?
Italians describe it as "bassa" (thin crust) and "scrocchiarella" (very crispy). The dough of this pizza is often laid out with a rolling pin to prevent it from rising, it contains less water and it is cooked for longer for a crispier result.