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Travel warning!

Posted on 17.07.2018

Category: Italian Travel

Warning! Tourists travelling to San Gimignano this summer are in serious danger of falling in love with the place and of not being able to return home.

Recent reports have shown that people who were in San Gimignano between the hours of seven and nine in the evening were bewitched by the golden sunset light reflecting off the city's towers and felt unable to control their thirst for local history, art and local wine!

Vernaccia, typical of this area, is one of the best white wines of Italy. Some say it holds the power to keep tourists seated for hours as they watch the world go by...

Tuscany in one minute

Posted on 14.06.2018

Category: Italian Travel

Fancy a city break?

Posted on 21.05.2018

Category: Italian Travel

Get your taste of spring! Pralormo castle awaits you with a bed of 90,000 tulips!

Posted on 10.04.2018

Category: Italian Travel

Ranging from black to fringed tulips, from parrot to lily-flowered ones, you cannot miss this year's Messer Tulipano Festival at Pralormo castle, in the province of Turin.

The flowers are spread across the castle's nineteenth century gardens which are carefully designed by Xavier Kuerten, one of the most important garden landscapers of the time.

This year, as well as admiring the amazing colourful display there will also be culinary events, dances and photographic exhibitions. If you have children, the third floor of the castle has a fantastic collection of miniature trains, which is rich in detail and stretches over three halls. The trains cross landscapes painted on walls, go through galleries and passenger stations keeping the little ones entertained whilst you get a taste of the local products!

Say CIAO to the Beast from the East! È primavera! (It's spring!)

Posted on 28.03.2018

Category: Italian Travel

Best Springtime Destinations in Italy * Italia Living

Spring is nearly upon us and Italy beckons us once again. With its historic cities, outdoor cafè life, relaxing white beaches and scenic gardens and villas, Italy has more travel options than you can shake a gelato at. And spring is the perfect time to go.